Have you ever wondered how far you are from all the major cities in the world? Or where which direction are all the world's most famous monuments? And would you like to see that all at the same time in a signpost? Then 3D Signpost is just the app you've been looking for!

Just start the application and you'll immediately see a signpost showing the direction and distance of famous monuments, cities, buildings and many other landmarks on our planet. Face in a different direction and the signpost adjusts to your position just as if you were moving around it.

3D Signpost can not only show you the direction of many interesting places on earth but also the distance and approximate time it would take to get you there by plane, car, bicycle or on foot. You can even switch between two different trajectory types: great circle (the true shortest distance over the surface of the earth) or rhumb line (a straight line in a flat map).

See how long it would take you to walk, cycle, drive or fly to any of the destinations. You can even share with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Let everyone know how far you are or how long it would take you to get there. Find out more about each of the destinations by browsing for photos on Flickr or learning more on Wikipedia.